• Bazaar

    Food & fashion. The 2 F’s you can’t live without. We’ve got Tarik Jeans, Zam Burger & Wrapstarz in attendance. Apa lagi you mau, hensem?

  • Karaoke

    3 Sessions: Boy Band, Diva, Divo

  • Entertainment

    Hip hop will be #RaisingTheBar. @OfficialKartel have something special up their sleeve. Beatboxing be represented too. Get ready to mosh with em local rock and indie acts. Dubstep crew and @DjNasT = a real party.  

  • PS3 FIFA13 Tournament

    Mad skills on the FIFA13? Put it to the test at #OctTwtFest. Prize awaits: HTC Desire S by @HTCMalaysia

  • YouTube Zone

    Featuring YouTube sensations

  • Tech and Business Talk

    By experts in their fields, giving you a chance to mingle with these personalities and benefit by learning from their life lessons and some of their ideas.